GARUDA Access Portal 2.1


Paryavekshanam is the monitoring tool for GARUDA grid. Paryvekshanam is a Sanskrit word which means 'to monitor remotely'.

GARUDA is a Pan-Indian grid aggregating heterogeneous resources from across 17 cities of the country. The basic purpose of grid monitoring is to ensure that all the components of the Grid system are functional and operate in an optimal manner. Paryavekshanam is used to detect, monitor, measure, record and report all service breakdowns or degradations.

Grid Monitoring is meant to give support to all Grid users and Site Administrators. It is essential that failure of critical components are detected and rectified promptly. The entire Grid is centrally monitored from Grid Monitoring and Management Center (GMMC), located at C-DAC Knowledge Park, Bangalore. The GMMC coordinates with local centers to ensure quick rectification.

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