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Garuda Overview

In furtherance of its activities in technology development, productization, facilities management in High Performance Computing (HPC) and associated solutions for the benefit of the scientific and engineering community, C-DAC has identified Grid Computing as a major thrust area. In line with the above mandate, it has now initiated the National Grid Computing Initiative: GARUDA project. As part of this project activity efforts are under progress to setup National Grid Monitoring & Management Centre (NGMMC) at C-DAC, Knowledge Park Centre, which will enable the availability of nationwide HPC Grid resources to various Research and Academic institutions across the country in 7x24 hours basis.

Objectives of the Project

  Establishing a high-speed communication network that will facilitate leading R&D institutions to be part of     the nationwide Grid initiative.

  Developing and engineering HPC Software & Middleware tools which will power the Grid.

  Integrating the available computing resources of leading R&D institutions for the benefit of solving various     complex HPC Research problems.

  Converging the efforts of leading R&D institutions to solve the nationwide challenging application.

  Building a nationwide HPC scientific forum, which will strengthen the R&D efforts of various institutions     across the Grid.