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Here we give a brief help. The detailed Help/User Manual is available at User Manual

A. Features of Grid Portal 2.1

B. Pre-requisites for Using Grid Portal

C. How to use Grid Portal?

A. Features of GridPortal 2.1

The following are the features included in the new version of GridPortal 2.1,

1. Job submission through Gridway by explicitly selecting the cluster
    This option is for users who want to submit their jobs to a specific cluster of their choice

2. Job submission through Gridway without selecting cluster
    This is the preferred option. Gridway will automatically select the best cluster in which the job can be executed based on CPU load. The local job scheduler (such as Torque) will in turn select the best nodes within that particular cluster

3. Resubmission of job
   Allows the user to view the selected Job Id details and Resubmit the jobs with/without updating the relevent fields.

4. Job submission with support of Wall time
    This option is for the users who want to run their application/job for a long time.

5. Job submission through GT4
    This option is for users who want to submit jobs directly to Globus without using the scheduler. We don.t support Heterogeneous jobs here

6. Compiler Service
    Here user can compile their application source code in GARUDA grid environment.

7. Mobile job resubmission and job status
   User can re submit job and the status of job by sending sms from mobile.

8. Job monitoring: Job Status, View/Download Output files, Cancel Jobs
    This option is for already submitted jobs, either through Gridway or through Globus. Cancel option is available only for Gridway jobs

9. File Management
    Here users can stage files into GSRM server.GSRM is the data grid solution for the GARUDA grid.user can manage his files by file operations like renaming, copying,deleting and moving.

10. Accounting
    Here details regarding jobs that have already completed execution are displayed.

11. Login Service based authentication
    This option provides enhanced security using login service.

12. Available Resources Display option
    This option lists clusters in which Gridway scheduler is configured

13. Facility for Partners to create and update their web pages
    Currently we have provided this facility only for a few Partners.

B. Pre-requisites for Using Grid Portal

1. The users of the Portal need to set the following in their ~/.bashrc file.:

export GW_LOCATION=/opt/gw/
export GLOBUS_LOCATION=/opt/asvija/GLOBUS-4.0.7/
source /opt/asvija/GLOBUS-4.0.7/etc/
export PATH=/usr/local/jdk1.6.0_10/bin:$GW_LOCATION/bin:/opt/garudaresv/bin:/opt/voms_client/bin:$PATH
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/opt/voms_client/lib:

2. User should have login on Grid Head Node(gridfs) and valid Globus Certificates to submit jobs to the grid

3. Users need to enable POP-Ups in their browser

4. If you are a new user to the grid, you need to click on Sign Up, this leads to get required login and globus certificate(IGCA Certificate) for submitting jobs to the grid.

5. Browsers and Versions that support Grid Portal,

 Linux Platform
    a. Mozilla ver. 1.6 and above.
    b. Firefox ver. 1.0.4 and above.
 Windows Platform
    a. Internet Explorer ver. 7.0 and above.
    b. Firefox ver. and above.
 Solaris Platform
    a. Netscape ver. 6.2.3 and above.

C. How to use Grid Portal?

In order to access the facilities of Grid Portal such as Job Submission,Job Status tracking, Storing(Uploading) of Executables and View Output/Error data, the user has to login into the Portal using the User's Login Form in the Home page of the GridPortal.

The following are some of the steps for submitting a sample application through Grid Portal. For details, refer the User Manual

1. Login into the Grid Portal tool.

2. After successful login, the user will be directed into the Basic Submission page of GridPortal.

In this page the user has to select Job type "Parallel" from the combo box, Operating System/Processor Type "Linux_2.6_Hyderabad/Intel" from the combo box, Number of Nodes "1" and Total number of processes "4" from the respective combo boxes. For selecting the Name of the Executable, user can upload the executable from his local machine clicking on Browse Button or choose the executable which resides on the user's home directory of the gridfs machine from the combo box or choose the executable from SRB.

3. On clicking Submit button, the specified job will get submitted into the Grid and using Job Id which is returned by the scheduler, user can view the status of the job.

4. The user can view/download the output data of the job by clicking on view/download button for the selected jobid from the combo box.

5. The user can also follow the same steps for submission of jobs using Advanced Submission except the selection of Job Type.

D. Sample MPI Program

E. Sample Application Compilation and Execution

F. GridPortal Help Page/User Manual