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Globus Online in GARUDA Help

Globus Online is a file transfer utility, using which you can transfer huge files between different systems.
Here we give the steps to use Globus Online for transferring files from any of your systems (laptops or desktops) to the GARUDA Grid Head Node (the Gridfs machine), and vice versa.

1. How to register with Globus Online and how to install Globus Connect client ?

2. How to activate an endpoint using Globus Online?

3.How to transfer files between two end points?

4.Globus Online Help Documents

1) How to register with Globus Online and how to install Globus Connect client? 
       a. Sign up with "Globus Online" 
	   	 i) Visit "" -> click "Get Started". 

		ii) Fill the signup form and click "Register" (make sure to go through terms of use and accept it).

	       iii) On successful registration, it will create a Globus Online account with which you can transfer files.  

		iv) An email verification link is sent to your mail id which is given in signup form. Using the link provided in the email, verify your account. 
             Now we have a Globus Online account.

       b. Login into Globus Online (if you are not logged in already).

       c. Installation of Globus Connect client to transfer files 

		- Globus Connect is easy-to-install, pre-configured software that turns your laptop, server, cluster or other local resource into a Globus Online endpoint.
                - Click on "Globus Connect" on dashboard page to download client.
 		      i) A new window titled "Globus Connect installation" will be prompted to the user. Three steps are there to install Globus Connect client.

                     ii) Choose your download: Select the Operating system (Mac OS /Linux / windows).

     		    iii) User should provide "end point name" and it is must. 
                          - User can give any name. 
		    	  - User can add description for the endpoint but it is not compulsory. 
           	          - Click "Generate setup key" button. It will generate one setup key. Please note it down. 

                     iv) Installation of Globus Connect client   
                            1) For Linux: 

				i) Extract the downloaded Globus Connect client tar file globusconnect-latest.tgz using command "tar -xvf globusconnect-latest.tgz"
			       ii) cd globusconnect-1.6
			      iii) chmod +x globusconnect 
			       iv) ./globusconnect &			   
			    2) In windows: 
				 i) Install the downloaded "globus_connect_install_latest.exe".
                                ii) This installation will create a shortcut on your desktop named globusconnect.
                               iii) Click on Start -> All programs -> Globus Connect -> globusconnect. 
		      		iv) A new window will open and will prompt users to enter a setup key which is generated in step (iii) above. Now your endpoint is described as "your-globus-online-username#end-point-name" (mentioned in iii step).
				    For example your Globus Online username is "test" and endpoint name is "mydesktop" then "test#mydesktop" is final endpont name.
	                        v) Please enter the setup key which you generated. 
Note : Setup key entry will be  required only first time invoking Globus Connect client 

2) How to activate an end point using Globus Online 

	a. Login into . 

	b. Click on "start transfer" / "File Transfer". 

	c. For left side endpoint text box given, enter the value as "garuda#GRIDFS" and press "Go" button. 
	d. Once you clicks on "Go" button, 

		i) If the end point is active, list of files on the end point will be shown. 
	       ii) If end point is inactive, one pop up window titled "Activate end point" will be
		    shown. Inorder to activate end point, please refer the step (f)  "Steps for activating the endpoint" given below.

	e. Now end point is active.You can view the files on the end point. 

 	f. Steps for activating the endpoint:

		i) Enter your Garuda Head Node username and passphrase (i.e Gridfs account). (Don't modify or disturb "Myproxy server Name")
	       ii) Enter Credential lifetime in Hours.(Please note that your credentials will be stored in the Globusonline site. So, please try to activate the endpoint for 8 hours or less) 
  	      iii) Click on "authenticate" button. Upon successful authentication, endpoint is active to transfer files. 
               iv) If any error comes while activating end point, please send mail to "" with error message; 	     	

 3) How to transfer files between two end points

	 a. Before logging into Globus Online, start your end point by following instructions given below.

			In windows:  i) click on Start -> All programs -> Globus Connect -> globusconnect 	

			In Linux:   i) cd globusconnect-1.6 
                                    ii) ./globusconnect &
	 b. login to using Globus Online account details. 

         c. After successful login click on "File transfer" or "start transfer". 

         d. In one end point enter "garuda#GRIDFS" and press "Go" button. If endpoint is active files will be loaded. Otherwise follow the steps given in section 2. In another 
		end point enter "your-globus-online-username#end-point-name" and click on "Go" button.The files and directories will be loaded.   

	 e. Now all the directories and files available in both end points are listed, just select the files or directories from any side and click on the buttons 
		provided between two end points to which side you want to transfer.( If transfer from left to right click the right side arrow button. if transfer from right 
		to left click on left side arrow button located between endpoints.)

Note: 1) An "endpoint" is one of the two file transfer locations either the source or the destination between which files can move

4) Globus Online Help documents
i) Why Globus Online? Refer ii) How it works? Refer iii) Globus Quickstart Guide Refer iv) GlobusOnline FAQs Refer